What is the Directory?

Written by Ale Lover – for Ale Lovers.

The Forth Valley Ale Directory aims to enlighten and excite all kinds of beer drinkers.

The world of Beer has never been more exciting. Where once there was a fear that the traditional brewing of beer and ale was destined to be an art lost to time, today the only fear that beer drinkers have is that they won’t have enough time to drink the countless varieties that are appearing every week.

This site is for those beer drinkers. The ones constantly on the look out for something new, something they’ve never tried before. They might know that they like Tribute or a good bottle of Black Sheep, but they’d rather broaden their horizons than drink the same beer twice in a row.

Set up in April 2018, the Forth Valley Ale Directory is an open-source Beer and Pub database. It aims to catalogue as many excellent beers and pubs as possible, with the help of a team of writers, all of whom call the Forth Valley Ale their home.

These beer drinkers like nothing more than diving into a flight of completely unknown ales, with nothing but their noses and taste-buds to guide them. Whenever they travel abroad they are constantly on the lookout for a label or beer mat that they’ve not seen before and if they stumble into a bar they like, you can guarantee that they’ll be writing about it.

If you happen to not be a lover of beer, then there’s still something on this site for you. The Forth Valley Ale Directory is more than just a rundown of beers that other people have drunk.

It’s a travelogue, a lifestyle blog, a catalogue of memories and a place to discuss your thoughts on everything beer related!

This site is in no way affiliated with CAMRA. For information on the Forth Valley’s CAMRA branch, head to http://forthvalley.camra.org.uk/