Our Favourite Forth Valley Pubs

The Forth Valley is packed with fantastic pubs.

It will probably come as no surprise to you to hear that we’re fans of pubs here at the Forth Valley Ale Directory and our area has more than a handful to offer.

There are dozens upon dozens of pubs (both traditional and a little more modern) littering the Forth Valley, so we thought we’d help any would-be visitors out by picking our favourites.

A pub can be many things.

It can be an escape for old men looking to pass a few hours in the company of some like-mined souls. It can be a meeting place, perfect for bringing together disparate folks who are looking to share a common pleasure, such as reading or a card game. Speaking of games, Scottish pubs are often home to roaming teams of darts and skittles players, turning what might be a quiet evening’s pint into a raucous competitive display of skill. With that being said, most will relate the concept of a Scottish pub with the feeling of peace and relaxation.

More often than not these rural hideaways offer shelter and respite from the harsh extremities of our rugged climate, giving hikers, farmers and locals alike a chance to take a load off, sip on a good ale and enjoy a simple meal in the company of good folks

The following pubs have been chosen by our contributors, whilst they might not prove to be the fanciest of establishments, all of them serve a decent pint and give a warm welcome to strangers:

The Cross Keys

Although our metropolitan countrymen might argue that no trip to Scotland is complete without a visit to Edinburgh or Glasgow, we happen to think that you’d be better served by immersing yourself in one of our village communities. Whilst there are undoubtedly charms to the big cities of our country, just one visit to Kippen’s The Cross Keys will make you understand why the best pubs areĀ always in the countryside.

The Corbie Inn

Winner of more than a handful of coveted awards from the some of the most recognised bodies, The Corbie Inn might not have hundreds of years of history or any AA Rosettes but that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the regions most successful drinking houses. Stop in for a pint or two at this CAMRA-approved establishment and you’ll be able to sample a decent variety of well-kept beers, as well as theĀ very local beers made by Kinneil Brew Hoose.

The Forth Inn

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a location more idyllic than Aberfoyle, which is what makes The Forth Inn a must-visit place for anyone planning on visiting the Forth Valley. Nestled in the lush surroundings of the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, this pub offers local and national brews all delivered in a straight-up traditional pub complete with a charming landlord. Take a long day’s walk out into the wilderness and then stop by for a pint or two once you’re done.

The Lade Inn

Hearty Scottish food collides with rural beauty at The Lade Inn – a traditional pub that comes complete with a bird feeding station, beer garden and a shop to take away your favourite ales with you. It would be a disservice to refer to The Lade as ‘just a pub’ as the owners have gone out of their way to make it so much more than this. There are weekly music events that you can drop in at, as well as beer tasting that are run throughout the summer to get involved with.