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Well, nothing’s stopping you! If you’ve got a beer, ale, cider, lager or any kind of booze really that you’d like us to shout about then all you need to do is tell us about it! If your drink is easy to get hold of, we’ll aim to track it down, taste it and give our two-cents on it. If, however, you’d like to save us the trouble you can always send us a sample and we’ll post our word on it that much quicker.

If you own or run a bar/pub then we’d be happy to write about that too. We don’t believe in Trip Advisor reviews or other such review aggregators, we believe that the only way of making up your mind about something is by experiencing it for yourself. Send us your address and we’ll add your drinking hole to our list of destinations and, don’t worry, we’ll make sure to shout you when we’re on our way over!

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